Couple renews marriage vows after husband’s sex change

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A British couple from Halifax, West Yorkshire renewed their wedding vows to celebrate their ninth year of marriage, which is nothing out of the ordinary, until you consider that Barry and Anne Watson are now Jayne and Anne Watson, after forty-three-year-old Barry, a former bus driver, transitioned from male to female.

Anne, who should be awarded the Most Understanding Wife of the Year award, is now married to someone who apparently resembles Carey Mulligan. According to Jayne Watson:

"At first Anne was furious when I told her I wanted a sex change. Our marriage had been going through problems and she thought I'd been cheating on her with another woman. But I just wanted to be one. Anne came to accept me for who I wanted to be and love me as Jayne. Renewing our vows seemed the perfect way to tell the world how happy we are with our new lives."

The couple met through a lonely hearts column in 1995, and were married in 2002. In 2008, Jayne sprang the news on Anne that she wanted to be a woman. Looking back, Jayne says, "It was hard. Telling the woman I loved that I too wanted to be a woman is not easy." After her initial anger, the fifty-three-year-old Anne finally came around. "Slowly I realized that even though my husband wanted to become female, my feelings had not changed," she said.

Jayne told the Daily Mail that, as a young boy, she enjoyed wearing her mother's clothes and playing hopscotch with the girls. And when she was older, she would drive to areas where she could be anonymous, and walk the streets in a dress and high heels. After getting hitched, the double life continued for Jayne. She confessed, "When Anne left the house, I'd dress up in a skirt and pearls. And on internet chat forums, I'd pose as a girl."

But now, despite Anne having "grieved for the loss of Barry," everything's copacetic, and the resilient Anne says, "There were sides to Jayne that I enjoyed getting to know — we can now have a laugh and talk about hair, clothes, and make-up." And though Jayne's pilfering of Anne's clothes and make-up can lead to the occasional row, the couple's bond remains strong. Jayne said, "People may think I'm weird or a freak. But all that matters to me is that Anne loves me."