Couple who met playing Mafia Wars on Facebook got married

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Mafia Wars

You've heard of people meeting while playing Halo; you've heard, maybe, of people meeting through Mario Kart. Now, hear the story of the couple that met through playing the Facebook application/game Mafia Wars… and not only lived to tell about it but got hitched because of it.

Unfortunately, they did not have a Cosa Nostra-style wedding with Don Corleone or Scarface or whoever this game is ripping off. Instead, they had a relatively straightforward ceremony, although it was held at Central Station in Treasure Island, Florida, which I remember as the cheesy "romantic" place where adults went to after taking their kids to Disney World.

You'll note I dubbed the ceremony "relatively straightforward." That's not to say there were no mob-related touches, according to this interview with (via The Gloss):

Aside from your mob-themed cake, what other elements of Mafia Wars made their way into the ceremony?
We gave everyone toy water guns and knives and everyone had fun attacking each other. They even attacked the bad karaoke singers as that was the going. All in all, good clean fun.

For the rest of the social gamers out there looking for love–how can they use these games to meet someone?
Well, to be honest we weren't looking for love, that just happened. Social games and social sites are a better way to meet than a dating site as you have the opportunity to interact more and get to know each other first. In order for a relationship to work you must first become friends, then find other things in common besides the games and then you just have to communicate well to each other and let love take you where it may.

Now that the two of you are finally together and made your "Mafia Wars Love Connection" complete, how have your playing habits changed?
They haven't changed one bit. We are still doing the same thing we always did only now we do it as husband and wife.

Go get 'em, singles, and try not to get blown up by a car bomb meant for your husband.