Creation museum bans “gay” couple

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Creationist museum billboard

This shouldn't exactly surprise you, but earlier this month a same-sex "couple" was told they could not attend a date night event at the Creation Museum in Kentucky. That's right: the same folks who believe we roamed the earth alongside dinosaurs also believe two men holding hands is a total aberration. Shocker, I know.

The incident occurred when a man arrived (along with his friends, a hetero couple), and told security personnel that he was waiting for his guest who was — gasp — another man. Not only was he told he could not attend, but he also couldn't get a refund for the tickets he bought in advance online. But here's the best part — the two men in question weren't even romantically involved, nor were they gay. That's the kind of ignorant mishap that could only occur, well, at museum that celebrates the evils of science. Maybe they should go to the Noah's Ark amusement park on their next outing?