Czech politician getting naked to win more votes

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Ivona Fiserova naked

Politicians will do anything to get elected: take illegal payoffs from lobbyists, hide millions of dollars in a freezer, plant false stories about "illegitimate black children" in the press. But have you ever heard of a politician who promised to get naked for votes?

Czech councilwoman Ivona Fiserova, incensed and wounded by colleagues who criticized her revealing dresses, says she will get naked to a) raise money for charity and b) win back the support and votes of her fellow councilors. 

"I am even willing to shoot some decent naked pics for Playboy – why not? The money from that can go to charity," she told the Metro. "My motto is: If I can help, then it is my duty."

Ivona Fiserova naked politician

Judging by these photos, I'd say she's already been naked… and we don't even have to buy a Playboy to see the snaps.