The last thing I expected while watching Glee last night was to be brought to tears by a commercial. And no, it wasn't that iPhone commercial with a dad talking to his baby. It was Dan Savage's latest ad for his "It Gets Better" project, which you can visit at

There isn't a lot to say about it, except that it gives me chills and makes me feel really hopeful that the hateful, homophobic tide may be turning.


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May 04 11 - 12:54pm

this definitely brought tears to my eyes.

May 04 11 - 1:28pm

It's actually an ad for Google Chrome, which somehow makes it better - someone ELSE is promoting the campaign, not Dan himself. Pretty great.

May 04 11 - 1:33pm

So, this is an ad paid for by Google? When I saw the tagline, "Dan Savage, Messenger" seemed a little pompous, until I saw the Google Chrome logo (meaning this was Google complimenting him, not Dan taking up some Jesus Christ pose). Anyway, if Google sponsored this, it deserves major props as well. Very brave for a corporation.

May 04 11 - 1:41pm


May 04 11 - 1:42pm

Holy cow, I got full body chills. I can't watch these videos in public because of their ability to make me weep. I love the burly police man.

May 04 11 - 2:34pm

This is really touching and brave. It brought tears to my eyes and its great to see the internet being used in such a positive way.

May 04 11 - 2:51pm

I thought it was pretty obviously a Google Chrome ad...

May 04 11 - 3:39pm

This almost makes me want to get treated for my Firefox addiction and switch to Chrome. Actually I might as well, before Google take over the world.

May 04 11 - 4:21pm

Wow, I was pretty strong going in, but I was almost sobbing by the end.

May 04 11 - 5:19pm
uh, okay

I agree that bullying of any sort is wrong and unacceptable. Having said that, however, I wish that Savage would quit making fun of people for their religious or lifestyle views if they differ from his. Isn't that what he is arguing against in the first place?

May 05 11 - 11:03am

No. Dan doesn't bully Christian children. Neither does he drag them behind cars.

May 05 11 - 6:38pm

He only belittles and denigrates them. Everyone knows bullying never starts small and works up!

May 09 11 - 12:46pm

You make a good point; he's known for going into elementary and junior high schools and "belittling" children on a daily basis, in their classrooms. I don't know how he finds the time!

May 04 11 - 6:17pm

@uh, okay
Hey troll, ever kill yourself because someone was making fun of your "religious or lifestyle views"?

May 05 11 - 6:39pm

I think it's safe to say that no one who recently posted "ever kill[ed]" himself/herself. The reality is that people, mostly in Islamic countries, frequently kill themselves or are killed due to their "religious or lifestyle views."

May 04 11 - 7:56pm

I am soooo happy I wasnt the only one tearing up during this!

May 04 11 - 10:32pm

sometimes i am proud of us...

May 05 11 - 8:32am

This legit made me cry. I think the best part is "there are a ton of us out here who love you, without even knowing you". Tears, instant tears. At work, nonetheless, jeez. Way to go Dan Savage.

May 05 11 - 11:30am

Great post, Miss Lina! I'd love to see more of this kind of stuff! Much more interesting than the sex lives of strangers! :-)

May 05 11 - 5:28pm

love it! thanks Dan Savage, very well done! and thanks Lina for bringing it to my attention!

May 13 11 - 1:46am

Shameless exploitation of a sincere heart-to-heart project so Google's stock may increase in value

dan savage is a superfag. I don't mind gays, but fags who act like Dan Savage deserve to be hung from an iranian crane.

El o el.

May 19 11 - 1:30am

<3 Dan Savage.

Jun 23 11 - 12:47am

AGREED!!! Savage love was the only thing that got me to ever pick up a paper!!

Feb 21 12 - 3:24pm

Well. I'm crying like a little baby.