Dan Savage’s new show on MTV will make teens’ sex lives 45% better

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Dan Savage has already proven he's the all-around best. His hilarious and smart sex advice column is syndicated, he guest-judged on RuPaul's Drag Race last week, and he's against bullying and Rick Santorum.

So this is really just icing on the cake. Savage is taking his sex advice to MTV, with a new show called Savage U. The show, which premieres this Tuesday, will follow Savage as he visits different college campuses. MTV will show his assembly Q&A sessions with students (old Q&As have been on YouTube for awhile) as well as some sure to be entertaining one-on-one advice sessions with students.

The trailer for the show looks surprisingly true to Savage's normal schtick and is loaded with him dropping reassuring expletives. And while the show might officially be aimed at college students with its 11 p.m. slot, you have to hope that plenty of teenagers are going to be watching Savage's sex-positive-feminist-non-hetero-normative advice. In an age of abstinence-only education, there's some twisted justice to a monagamish gay man being today's most trusted word on sex.