Dating profile charts prove some gay and straight stereotypes are true

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Gay people like Ella Fitzgerald. Straight people like Van Halen. Gay guys like Sufjan Stevens. Straight guys like Queens of the Stone Age. These are not bold statements, as many people have been stereotyping the gender orientations for years. However, a new survey of dating profiles reveals that gay men enjoying The Devil Wears Prada and straight men loving Saving Private Ryan are not just a stereotypes. They're a statistic.

Stuff Gay People and Straight People Like

You'll note immediately in the next graphic that a huge percentage of lesbians mention The L Word in the personal profiles. Is that because most lesbians loved that show or because they want to make sure everyone knows they like it and that they're normal? Kind of like straight guys who mention "my buddies" or "the right woman" in their profiles? You be the judge.

Stuff Gay Women Like

Some interesting catches here: straight women called themselves "country girls" and straight men called themselves "country boys" in large numbers. Straight women are not embarrassed to admit they loved Eat, Pray, Love. I wonder if their use of the term "Mr. Right" was often in the context of "I'm looking for Mr. Right" or if a good percentage of it was "I'm not looking for Mr. Right."

(Thanks to Gawker for the images.)