Dating site assumes all women want rich, tall men

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Last week, I talked about women seeking richer, older husbands so they can quit their jobs and get hot stone massages. It seems the dating site read my post and immediately responded by updating the ways in which they match prospective partners on their site. A Jezebel reader sent in a screen shot (seen above) describing the methods the site now uses to match men and women. The site states that it will match women with men who are the same height or taller and in the same income bracket or higher.

Did we time-travel here? Of course the idea that some women want rich, tall men can be true but it's by no means a rule. And it's definitely not commonplace enough to warrant a search algorithm programmed to include those preferences as preexisting criteria. I'm a tall woman, almost 5'10," with a penchant for huge platforms. So I'm often towering well above the six-foot mark, and I've never cared whether a man is taller or shorter than I am. I'm also, obviously, fabulously wealthy from my lucrative media career, and have never minded dating someone who makes less than me.

So don't tell me what I want, bullshit dating site. Don't tell me I only want a super rich, tall dude. Though, admittedly, the more times I type those adjectives into this blog, the more appealing they begin to sound.