“Dating site for ugly people” claims to have actually married off a pair of users

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UK dating site for "ugly people"

A dating site with a foothold in the U.S. and U.K. claims to have had its first engagement and set the couple up on a honeymoon. The weird part? The site is geared toward "ugly" people.

We've mentioned the Ugly Bug Ball before. UBB calls itself "dating for the asthetically challenged" and its homepage features a prominent picture of a model trying to make himself look goofy and unappealing, yet this is serious business: Tom Clifford found Janine Walker, went on four dates with her… and now they're engaged.

(Clifford told the British press he has a face "that would make children cry." I don't have a clue how to respond except to say "you're all beautiful and don't need dating sites to tell you you're not.")

Surprisingly, people aren't put off by the negative energy the site gives off, which even includes this motto: "Half of UK daters aren’t pretty so instead of fishing in a small pool of prettiness and getting nowhere dive into an ocean of uglies and have more choice."

While this story is encouraging people to believe that you don't have to be a 10 to find true love, for a better rate of success and likelihood of meeting someone as purty as yourself, you should probably try Nerve Personals.