Discreet Adultery is the cheaters site for married women

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Cheating wife caught in bed

You were hoping it would go away. You were hoping it would scare away paid users and be unable to accrue any advertising dollars. You were hoping it would basically be laughed out of existence, but instead, Ashley Madison, the dating site for cheating spouses, is only growing bolder and stronger.

Now, the online hub is expanding its network to include the equally controversial Discreet Adultery, which is designed to help married women cheat. The press release announcing the merger includes eye-opening snippets like these:

Married women use dating sites in large numbers, but there are few services that cater specifically to them.

“Women, particularly married women, tend to be very cautious. However, once they decide they want to have an affair, the only thing holding them back are concerns over the quality of men, and concerns about getting caught. We add features that improve security and matching based on anonymous ratings of men by other women.”

"We expect even greater growth over the holidays, when women typically re-evaluate their relationships. In the current economic climate, we expect a record number of women to look for an affair. We will be there to help them." [PR Web]

I mentioned this same statement last year — that Ashley Madison claimed a huge jump in female users during and just after the holidays — but still have yet to see any evidence. Anyone want to weigh in?