Do you know this mystery soldier who left a marriage proposal on the wrong voicemail?

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A British soldier stationed in Afghanistan recently left a heart-wrenching voicemail in which he proposes to his girlfriend, with just one little problem — he left the message on the wrong answering machine. Instead of Samantha, his intended fiancée, he dialed forty-four-year-old Diane Potts, mother of three and definitely not the person he meant to call. Get a tissue ready, because this very well might make you cry:

Says Mrs. Potts about receiving the message: "It was just so lovely. I got a bit of a shock actually. I felt like I shouldn't really be listening, it was such a personal message so I just had to do something about it." It is certainly lovely, but it's also a reminder of just how grim things can get for the men and women who are still there.

(Also, everyone is saying he's British, but he kind of sounds Welsh to me. Not that I'm a dialect expert or anything, but I have watched a lot of Torchwood.) Now the hunt is on to find the woman he thought he was talking to, so on the long shot that you know her, uh… let her know, I guess.