Don’t buy counterfeit “Durexx” condoms sold in England

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If you live near Birmingham, England, you might want to double-check your condoms before the you decide to get it on, as a fake box of the "Durexx Gossamer 3-pack" was spotted at a local drug store. The extra "x" in " Durexx" should probably be a dead giveaway (think of it as an excuse to exercise your fourth-grade-spelling-bee-champion skills, while shopping for condoms). Plus the packaging (see above) just looks totally sketchy. But as if that wasn't enough to raise your suspicions, they also lack cellophane wrappers, expiration dates, and instructional booklets. In other words, any type of contraception that you don't have to fumble with to open or learn how to use, that also lasts forever, is too good to be true.

So far officials have no idea where these fakes are coming from (you'd think there'd be a lot more profitable items to counterfeit, right?), but are advising stores to check their stock, as they could be committing a criminal offense by selling counterfeits. Past studies have also shown that fake, untested condoms have a failure rate ten times greater than the genuine article. So stay safe, Brits. Spending an extra minute in the condom aisle is totally worth any potential awkwardness.