Driver crashes car while sexting

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Sexting while driving.

Well, he was also drunk… so there's that. But it was sexting that the driver says caused him to lose control of his car and crash.

The Florida man admitted that he was "exchanging steamy text messages with his girlfriend" (the St. Petersberg Times' words, not his) when a driver cut him off, an event he blames for his accident. Of course, cops are mainly placing blame upon his "strong smell of alcohol, glassy eyes, and slurred speech":

At first, he told sheriff's deputies the minor accident was another driver's fault. Later he admitted to "sexting" while driving. Ultimately deputies decided Phernando Cuello of Tampa was drunk and took him to jail.

But which is worse — driving while sexting or dictating your sexts aloud on a Bluetooth headset? Hint: There is no right answer.