Elisabeth Hasselbeck defends foot fetishes in wake of Rex Ryan non-scandal

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It's a rare moment when I find myself agreeing with Elisabeth Hasselbeck. (This is roughly on par with the moment earlier today when Jim realized he was agreeing with Pat Robertson.) In the wake of yesterday's revelations that NY Jets coach Rex Ryan's wife had appeared foot-fetish videos on YouTube (possibly also featuring Rex's own voice), the View co-host put her feet up on the table to say she'd rather have a man enjoy his foot fetish with his wife than with his mistress. (Her klatsch-mates were in general accord.)

Given that Hasselbeck is usually the shrill voice of disapprobation, especially when it comes to sex, this is kind of nice. But of course, foot fetishism is one of the most common (and mildest) paraphilias. There's no telling how she'd feel about spanking, bondage, clothed-male-nude-female, golden showers, etc. Although it's kind of entertaining to speculate.