Ex-Gov. Jim McGreevey can’t become a priest, but not for the reason you’d expect

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Former New Jersey Gov. Jim McGreevey, in the years after his public and messy coming out, had planned to become an Episcopal priest. He not only converted from Catholicism, but he spent three years at the General Theological Seminary, graduating last year with a master's degree in divinity. (He's also been working at a mental-health and drug-addiction treatment center in Newark.) But it seems like all that work hasn't been enough, because he was just denied a bid to join the priesthood by the Episcopal Church. And it's not, as you might first assume, because he's openly living with his same-sex partner, Mark O'Donnell.

The real reason, according to a source within the church? McGreevey's just too much of a jag. From the Post:

Some leaders also were wary of McGreevey's sudden embrace of their faith after his scandal and feared the church was being used, the source added.

After resigning as governor, "he was sort of looking for every angle to make a complete redo of his professional life," said another church source. "He ran to the church for some kind of cover, which isn't fully appropriate. Even if he's a good guy, he should wait five to 10 years to get over his issues."

On his own part, the former Gov. is saying that he simply needs more experience before he can assume the mantle. (And, it's true, this was his very first shot at the gig.) While it's true that lots of people have turned to God after particularly trying times in their lives, I get the feeling it will be hard for him to completely escape the specter of his ugly divorce.

[Above: I'm not sure why he's holding that Eyes Wide Shut mask, but the angel statue looks appropriately saddened on his behalf.]