Former Wall Street analyst analyzes interracial dating in new book

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Faced with losing her Manhattan apartment after losing her job as a Goldman Sachs analyst last October, J.C. Davies naturally decided to write a politically incorrect book, I Got the Fever: Love, What's Race Gotta Do With It?, examining the myths about interracial lovers, beating Chelsea Handler to the punch I guess. Basing the book on hundreds of interviews, as well as her own first-hand experiences, Davies proposed to answer burning questions such as: do Asian men prefer submissive women? Are all Indian men conversant with the Kama Sutra? Do Latin lovers live up to their billing? Are black men well endowed? And are Jewish men really cheap?

Her sexual detective work yielded such generalized conclusions as: Latino men are macho and possessive, Asians are lacking in bed, and black men don't like discussing Al Sharpton. (?) She also describes her Iranian-Jewish boyfriend's expression in bed as "terrorist face." It would, of course, be interesting to see erotic scorecards on Davies, who describes herself as "white trash," filled out by the various men she passes judgment upon.

The forty-two-year-old Davies certainly has a fever, and it doesn't involve more cowbell. The section titles in the book include: Salsa Fever, Yellow Fever, Jungle Fever, Curry Fever, and Shiksa Fever but, fortunately, not Bieber Fever. Davies said she traveled throughout the tri-state area collecting personal stories, but didn't make it to Staten Island because, she said jokingly, "A girl has to have her limits." She told the New York Post that "no one has the balls to write about sex and culture in a real way. You have to make it super PC and be the professor of blah-de-blah and have charts and graphs."  Anecdotal evidence: 1, Science: 0.

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