FDA voting to let underage girls buy Plan-B with no prescription

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Teva Pharmaceuticals is pushing the FDA this week to allow Plan-B, their popular morning-after contraceptive pill, to be sold over-the-counter, without age limits. Currently, the pill is available with no prescription but only to women seventeen-years old and older. 

If approved, it will, of course, make it easier for thousands of women to prevent unwanted pregnancies and abortion. However, it'll also mark an important legal shift since the Bush administration. Women's and reproductive-rights groups have long been pushing for greater access, but interference and legal actions by the previous action kept sales restricted. 

Predictably, some conservative groups are protesting — ironically, since greater Plan-B access could only lower abortion rates — by claiming that legalization of the pill will lead to promiscuity. In unrelated news, studies have shown that just about all of them are currently cheating on their wives, impregnating their secretaries, or sleeping with their male aides.