Female breast augmentation and male breast reduction rates both skyrocket

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Nicholson man boobs

Recently, the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons blamed buxom beauty Christina Hendricks for a sudden increase in breast-augmentation surgery among women. Well, it looks as if women aren't the only ones taking notice of their appearance — according to BAAPS, male breast-reduction surgery has also skyrocketed, up 28% from last year

BAAPS surgeons attribute the rise in male cosmetic surgery to heightened concerns about appearance; one consultant suggested "that the increase in surgery was likely to be due to an increased awareness — and dislike — of 'man boobs'." More and more, men are under pressure to look sexy and maintain their appearances. Given the rising number of augmented breasts in the U.K., it seems to make natural sense for the number of reduced breasts to increase proportionally.

Plastic surgery, like any medical practice, surely has its own obtuse lingo and confusing terminology, but man boobs are man boobs no matter which version of English you speak.