Last we heard of Vancouver's Jenna Talackova, she had been booted from the Miss Universe Canada pageant for having been born with a penis instead of a vagina, thus failing to meet the pageant's stringent entry requirements. (I always thought the only requirements for participating in a beauty pageant were blindingly white teeth and the Jedi-like ability to maintain a neutral stance on any issue from health-care reform to breakfast cereal, so go figure.)

Although Talackova had sex-reassignment surgery four years ago, the pageant board refused to allow her re-entry into the pageant, leading her to enlist the services of celeb super-lawyer Gloria Allred. With Allred's help, Talackova managed to convince Miss Universe founder/super-merkin Donald Trump to let her back in the competition. Tonight, she'll be making history as the first-ever transgender contestant to participate in the Miss Universe pageant, strutting her stuff in front of a panel of all-star judges like designers Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan of HGTV's Home Heist, The Kennedys actor Kristin Booth, singer Kreesha Turner, and a bunch of other people who are only famous in Canada. 

Talackova, who is representing Vancouver in the competition, is one of sixty-two contestants vying for the Miss Universe crown (the winner will be announced this Saturday). Although her case has attracted a fair amount of media attention over the past few months, she insists that she takes all the publicity in stride. "There's a lot of attention, but it's attention in a good way," she says. "It's a good cause, right? It's for equality." Indeed, Jenna. Equality. Also, boobs. And hair. And legs that look like they've been dipped in salad dressing. But mostly, equality and social justice and such. 

...and boobs. Sorry, just saying. But good luck tonight, Jenna! Kick some ass and take some names, or whatever the Canadian equivalent of that phrase is. 

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May 17 12 - 11:58pm

It's really not a big deal. Being the in fashion industry has shown me, even when things are stripped down, you have to "build it up" so it translates to the public. She is a transwoman - ok. Like all the contestants, she must do just as much as the cis-gendered (born genentic women) women to get attention in this (hair, makeup, breasts (real or fake), whatever, talent - we know it's mostly bullshit these shows anyways). She's changed the shape of her private parts to match the rest of her body and if she did still have the "born with penis" (untouched!), I doubt she would hang it out for that extra something and if she's taking hormones, it would be the size of your thumb so NO BIGGY . . . She is chosen on poise, beauty, talent. Who knows, maybe she has no sense of humor and is really dumb in general. If you're on one of these shows, it already says what you're about in some respects so, I'm going to pull my tiara out right now play with my tiny little pen . . . vagi . . . ah . . . oh yes, it's a clit . . .

May 18 12 - 1:57am

Being from Canada, I can confirm that even here these people aren't famous. I think Kreesha Turner had a moderate hit single maybe three or four years ago, but that's probably the best any of them achieved!

May 18 12 - 2:28am

This young woman fills me with hope, as well as, some other emotions that both confusing and weird...

May 18 12 - 9:18am

Yeah, none of those people are famous here and the miss universe pageant is pretty much nothing as well. But good for her..I remember a few years ago some radio station in (i think) BC gave away free breast implants to the person who could make the best case for needing them. The surgery ended up going to a transgendered person who couldn't afford sex reassessment surgery.

May 18 12 - 10:00am

That is so gay.

May 18 12 - 4:54pm

Trolls be trollin'

May 20 12 - 4:31pm
Big Loser

The dude lost.

May 26 12 - 2:54pm

There is a lot of attention in the media and I believed in a good way raising awareness in the LGBT community and it is also about equality and social justice regardless of your sex, gender and sexual orientation.