Five-year-old boy becomes legally engaged to three-year-old girl

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Kids kissing

Two kids who are too young to be making plans for the rest of their lives (and have no idea what those plans could entail) have gotten engaged in Syria. They are five (the boy, Khalid) and three (the girl, Hala).

Are parents getting carried away with securing the long-term happiness of their children or is this simply a case of a couple of nice people humoring their amorous nymphs?

They say the playschool-aged pair consented to the match and are acting of their own free will, although they will not wed for another 10 years.

'We know Khalid or Hala might change their mind in the future, but what we do know at this stage is that they are very happy and talk to each other every day,' the boy’s father, Juma, told Gulf News.

'Khalid is waiting until he is 15 to marry Hala.' The boy is said to have met and fallen in love with Hala while he was holidaying with his parents in Lattakia, on Syria’s Mediterranean coast.

During his wife’s 'complicated pregnancy' Juma vowed that if the child was a boy he would have him engaged at the age of five and 'marry him to a woman of his choice at the age of 15'. [Daily Mail]

While this sounds suspicious but relatively harmless so far, I have to wonder why the parents bought the kids actual engagement rings for a supposedly non-binding ceremony.