“Forty Beads” sex system is a little creepy

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Author Carolyn Evans, inspired by her husband's fortieth birthday, has devised a system that takes all the spontaneity out of marital lovemaking, and she's written a book, Forty Beads: The Simple, Sexy Secret for Transforming Your Marriage, to tell you all about it. The forty-beads method works like this: A wife gives her husband forty beads, which he can redeem, one at a time, for sex, by dropping a bead in a "beadcatcher." Once a bead is dropped, the wife then has twenty-four hours within which to service her husband. This is supposed to take sex off the "bicker block," allowing for a tacit facilitation of sexual congress.

And it's not just a unilateral proposition. "Nudge cards" that read "feed me" are provided for wives, who can drop them on their husbands' dressers whenever they're bit by the horny bug. Evans based her method on the theory that men need to have sex to feel close to a woman, and women need to feel close to a man to have sex. The whole idea is meant to be playful and promote marital harmony, but, while well-intentioned, it's a little weird. I can live with the idea of monetizing a New Age-y sex system, but the notion of an ill-behaved husband getting "turtled" by his wife when she turns the bowl over and dumps out the beads is a bit much. And having such a finite window to get libidos on the same page seems like it could be a pressurized situation as well. Anyway, for those couples who enjoy positive results, happy beading!