Fourth grade teacher pulled from classroom after coming out to students

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Seth Stambaugh

Seth Stambaugh is a 23-year-old graduate teaching student in Oregon who was, until recently, a student teacher at a Portland elementary school. According to Queerty and local media outlets, Stambaugh was allegedly sacked by the elementary school for honestly answering student questions about his personal life.

Big mistake, dude. Don't ever get into your personal life with students — my long-suffering Spanish teacher found that out the hard way when we learned she had been married six times.

Stambaugh, who was helping instruct 4th and 5th grade classes, responded to a student's question about whether he was married. Stambaugh said no, because he "would choose to marry another guy," and that would be illegal. [Queerty]

It seems a parent was out to get Stambaugh: someone had previously complained about the student teacher wearing a "pressed slacks, button-up oxford shirt… and cardigan" ensemble and now they threatened to pull their kid from school if Stambaugh was allowed to continue there.

This is apparently the same school district that was sued two years ago after a teacher was bullied out of staging The Laramie Project. Time for a federal review of the district, maybe?