“Gay barbarians” glitterbomb Marcus Bachmann’s ‘pray-the-gay-away’ clinic

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Glitter bombing Bachmann

It's one of the better press releases I've ever read: 

Minneapolis, MN — Today a horde of gay barbarians descended upon Michele and Marcus Bachmann’s "pray away the gay" clinic and demanded that Marcus come out and discipline them for their "deviant" behavior.  

Marcus Bachmann, who conducts "reparative therapy" at the clinic intended to convert homosexuals, has said that gays are "barbarians who need to be disciplined." The horde requested to speak directly with Bachmann and experience some "discipline" for themselves.

The protest was organized by Nick Espinosa, who as far as I can tell, invented glitterbombing. (In this context, that means dumping a bag of glitter on a politician you think is homophobic, and not dropping a shot of goldschlager into a Red Bull and chugging it, but thanks, Urban Dictionary!) Bachmann himself wasn't at the clinic, although I don't think the results would have been any different if he'd been there.

Those of us reading along at home have plenty to discuss. Is this a valid form of protest? I'd say maybe, leaning towards no, only because I know how totally impossible it is to get a pound of glitter out of carpeting (story for another time). And yet, there is some weird peacenik justice in bedazzling your enemies, though it'd be a lot friendlier if they went around affixing boas to everyone or something.

The story makes an interesting compliment to another piece we're running today, arguing that liberals shouldn't call Marcus Bachmann gay (which they've been doing, since he is a little… that way). I'd argue that this is good old-fashioned protest, gay people targeting an anti-gay institution, not qualitatively different than conservatives protesting an abortion clinic. But I bet some of you disagree.