two brides

Today marks an exciting day, in that gay couples can officially apply for marriage licenses in New York! A big day for civil rights, by all accounts, but naturally it didn't go off without at least one awkward hitch: couples looking to apply online found that the form still requires that both a "groom" and "bride" be listed in order to register.

One woman seeking to register with her girlfriend saw the space that read "Step 1: Groom - Info," and told The New York Times, "I just looked at it, and then I stopped and said, 'I can't do this.'"

A City Council spokesman said that the form would be fixed "later today," so things should be up and running soon, but still, not the warmest welcome gay couples looking to register could have gotten today.

Commentarium (4 Comments)

Jul 05 11 - 5:40pm

Awww. Give the poor intern a day to update the application and make copies!

Jul 05 11 - 5:56pm

half the time when you go to get NHS condoms in this country the application form lists your title as "Mrs/miss/ms"

cos it's a woman's responsibility, innit

also, you get to carry them away in a little paper bag with balloons and streamers printed on it, like you're coming away from a kid's birthday with your wee bag of sweeties

Jul 06 11 - 10:23am

Ha, I had no idea about this--hilarious!

Jul 06 11 - 1:40pm
Paired Up

How should they be identified? "Person 1 and 2" like on the Census form? Or something like "Prospective spouse 1 and 2"? Wedding gift registries will have to be updated too.