Gay hook-up app Grindr got hacked; hide your dirty pics

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Grindr, the popular mobile app that allows gay men to chat with and meet other men in their area (read: find relatively anonymous sex whenever they want), had a relatively serious security breach this week when a person in Australia discovered a way to log in as any other user, allowing access to any user's chats, favorited profiles, and any pictures sent or received using the app. This is bad news for those who use the app, as many of those pictures are of the NSFW variety. (Guys, seriously: never show your face in those shots. Not that I would know anything that, Mom, if you're reading this.)

After gaining access to these profiles, the hacker created a website where he or she (or they) posted the information and pictures of several users in the Sydney area. (Phew. Dodged a bullet, there.) Get ready to potentially see your junk all over the internet, fellas:

"Material seen by this website suggests that a number of Australian users had their Twitter profiles linked to Grindr profiles on the web page, making it easier to find users.

At one point, according to sources who saw the website before it was taken down, it listed users' Grindr pseudonyms, passwords, their personal favourites (bookmarked friends) and allowed them to be impersonated, and thus have messages sent and received without their knowledge. At one point, the website also allowed users' profile pictures to be replaced."

Joel Simkhai, the creator of Grindr, acknowledged the security breach but refused to say how many people had taken advantage of this hack, though he did seek legal action and succeeded in having the website shut down. He also promised that updated version of both Grindr and Blendr would soon be available to fix these issues and prevent such private information getting out in the future. It seems like the hack was relatively localized and contained, but let this be a reminder to everyone: if you take a picture of your junk, there is always a chance it will end up online. Always.