Gay men break the world record for longest kiss

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Matt Daley and Bobby Canciello, two students at the College of New Jersey, decided to break the world record for the longest kiss, and managed to lock lips for thirty-three hours this weekend. That should be enough to break the previous, record, which was thirty-two hours, seven minutes, and fourteen seconds, but the attempt still needs to be reviewed and verified by the Guinness World Record people. Here's a video of the final moments of the kiss and an interview with both men:

To break the world record for longest kiss, they had to do the following:

  • Their lips must be touching at all times (duh)
  • They must be standing without any support
  • They must be awake at all times
  • They cannot wear adult diapers, which means you either hold it in or you piss yourself.

Just FYI, apparently the two devised some sort of action plan as far as the final one goes, but it seems like they didn't need it. (They went on a forty-eight-hour cleanse before the kiss. I officially know way too much about these guys, I think.)

The two students said they wanted to break the record to bring attention to various gay-rights causes going on right now (the repeal of DADT, same-sex marriage, etc.). So congrats to the two for probably acheiving their goal. I wish them mouth wash.