Gay people are less racist in their romantic habits

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So, you know how you're less likely to do certain things to other people if those same things were, at one point, done to you? Common examples I can think of include, but are not limited to, cutting someone off in traffic, eating your roommate's leftover Chinese food, and discriminating against someone for being who they are. Okay, that last one might be a little less universal, but I'm willing to bet there are plenty of gay people who would agree. 

At least, that's what new census data would suggest. Apparently, same-sex couples aren't just 15% more likely than straight couples to go to brunch. They're also more likely to be in interracial relationships than straight people. Census data found that about one in five same-sex relationships are interracial or inter-ethnic. Only about one in ten straight married couples can say the same. Unmarried straight couples seem to be a little more open-minded, with 18.3% in interracial relationships.

It makes sense. If you're already "living in sin" as a gay or unmarried couple, maybe you're less likely to give a damn what anyone else thinks. But lest you think all these interracial same-sex couples are trying to live outside societal norms, census data revealed another interesting fact: same-sex, interracial couples are also more likely to be raising children (shown by the increase in "non-family households" — I guess "family" is still defined by Republicans, even in the census). 

Cue the evangelical panic! Not only are gay people of different races doing it — they're also making babies! Babies so racially-ambiguous and beautiful that they probably modeled those Gap khakis you're wearing.