German author offers to sleep with the President if he goes anti-nuclear

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Charlotte Roche sexy

The British-born Germany-based writer Charlotte Roche has offered to sleep with the President of Germany if he refuses to sign an upcoming bill.

Roche, 32, is married, but her husband agreed to let her bang German President Christian Wulff if Wulff declines to sign into law an extension on the country's nuclear reactors. According to Yahoo, the bill would extend the life of the country's seventeen reactors until 2035. Germany's citizens took to the streets recently to protest the dumping of nuclear waste, just one of many stormy protests against European governments in the past few days.

Roche wrote a porny 2008 book called Feuchtgebiete, a.k.a. Wetlands, which was the #1 book on the planet the month announced worldwide rankings. (Read an excerpt on Nerve here.) Wulff is married and had no comment on the matter… so far.

Here's Roche in a typically activist-themed Halloween costume:

Kill Bild Charlotte Roche

And no, I don't know what's going on in this photo either:

Charlotte Roche in bed