German couple sued for loud sex

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Lichtenberg twentysomethings Stefanie Mueller and Lucas Zetsch were summoned to court in Berlin to pay a fine for noise pollution, after police received ten complaints about their loud lovemaking. The legal spectacle was apparently less than dramatic — none of the ten complainants showed up in court, unsurprisingly, so the judge threw out the case — but the Telegraph story does include this hilarious/wince-inducing detail:

Mr. Zetsch told the court: "It was totally normal sex, nothing exciting" — a remark which earned him a scornful look from Miss Mueller, who snapped: "Thanks — that was nice." Then she left the court.

Stefanie? Stefanie! Come back! Here this guy is just trying to save himself and his girl some brunch money against the prudery of his probably ex-Stasi neighbors, and what kind of thanks does he get? This is the greatest miscarriage of justice in German history.