Girls streak high-school football game, get suspended

Teenage girls streak high school football game

Two high-school senior girls who stripped and streaked a local football game on Friday night have been suspended. The unidentified Californian teens face a likely expulsion as a video surfaced on YouTube showing them gleefully racing onto the field and taking off their clothes with wild abandon.

They were tackled by police officers, arrested and charged with indecent exposure, a misdemeanor, but because of the event's affiliation with their high school, they could be kicked out of school permanently. Whatever happened to good ol' American fun times?

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Nov 09 10 - 1:38pm

world's worst video

Nov 09 10 - 2:51pm
G Unit

Break out the taser officer.

Nov 09 10 - 5:19pm

Well yeah, but they're fat and ugly, so who cares, really?

Nov 09 10 - 5:46pm

If this happened during the actual game playing, meh. But they intruded on the band - throw the book at these hussies!

Nov 09 10 - 7:03pm

if they are high school students, arent they minors? shouldnt it go into play as well concerning their punishment? tons of teens because of child pornography when they get involved in sexting. i dont see how it is any different from stripping in public and having it filmed.

Nov 09 10 - 7:19pm

Why is the camera work so terrible? Was there also an earthquake?

Nov 09 10 - 7:28pm

Camera works is probably terrible because whoever was recording it (likely on a phone or crappy small digital camera) probably was trying to conceal it so it wouldn't draw attention he or she was in on it too. And, it got shakey at the end because they were trying to conceal it.

I think them getting kicked out of school is harsh. Jeeez people, it's just nudity, no big deal.

I guess they were rude in disrupting the band, I could see a suspension.

Nov 10 10 - 9:14am

why post this with such a horrible camera. Lame

Nov 10 10 - 7:27pm

Only indecent exposure if they can prove the intent to arouse. They will only be charged with disorderly conduct.

Nov 11 10 - 3:41am

As soon as they get naked, the cameraman comes down with some kind of seizure. Thanks a lot.

Nov 11 10 - 10:40am

To anyone planning summat like this, remember. Leave your shoes on. Makes it much easier to run. Downside is getting clothes on the lower half off over them. Consider that.