Groundbreaking study: lube makes sex more fun

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Let's add this fact to the list of things we already knew, but that science just proved conclusively: lube makes sex better. All the time. Not just when you're really not that into it, but you kind of want to anyway, so you need a little "help." This very scientific study proves that most women using lubricant did so not only to reduce "tearing" (ew), but, over one-third of the time, simply because to use and apply the lube was "fun." I'm not really sure why science decided to investigate this intuitive, non-pressing sexual matter, but I'm glad they did. Now I can use scholarly evidence to convince my partner to spring for the good stuff. 

And, in case you were wondering, the lubricants used in the study (both water and silicon-based), in alphabetical order, were: Astroglide® (Biolm, Inc.), Just Like Me® (Pure Romance), K-Y Liquid® (Johnson & Johnson), Sweet Seduction® (Pure Romance), T Pure Pleasure® (Pure Romance), and Wet Platinum® (Trigg Laboratories). Now for a bit of public service: if, like me, you grew up in Georgia, where sex education is largely abstinence-based, I have a little advice for you. Never use Vaseline as lube when you're using a condom. It will break.