Guy and his girlfriend accidentally create the first pocket-dial sex tape

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Butt dial pocket dialing sex tape

A 19-year-old School of Visual Arts student was sitting around his apartment (or dorm room) last weekend when his phone rang. It was a friend of his, but when this student went to say hello, he heard only muffled moaning and the sounds of a woman in the throes of ecstasy. Calling his friends and roommates (I'm guessing) into the room, this unnamed teenager put his iPhone on speaker and videotaped the audio and everyone's ensuing reactions.

The three-minute edited version is extremely NSFW — although there's no nudity. It's just pure sexual audio and R-rated dialogue, especially when the caller realizes everyone's been listening in on his thirty-minute-long escapades. The whole thing has a slightly implausible, too-good-to-be-true feel to it, but the laughter seems genuine.

My favorite part is how the uploader bleeped out the subtitles but not the audio, like that makes any sense.*

*Wait, does YouTube allow audio but not text expletives?