Having kids lowers a man’s testosterone levels

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Modern Family Phil Dunphy

Hear that, guys? Settling down and having kids will literally make you less of a man! Never do it!

Just kidding. What happens is actually kind of nice — researchers believe that the change in hormone levels men experience when they have children simply makes them more family-oriented and interested in caring for the child. "Raising human offspring is such an effort that it is co-operative by necessity, and our study shows that human fathers are biologically wired to help with the job," explained the study's lead investigator.  "Fatherhood and the demands of having a newborn baby require many emotional, psychological, and physical adjustments. Our study indicates that a man's biology can change substantially to help meet those demands."

As it turns out, the substantial testosterone dip seen in new fathers can also prevent against chronic disease in the long term. Researchers suspect it  encourages more monogamous behavior, too. "[These results show] the hormonal and behavioral trade-off between mating and parenting, one requiring a high and the other a low testosterone level," said a spokesman for the Society of Endocrinology.

Overall, I guess this isn't the most shocking scientific news I've ever heard, but it is still kind of cool. File this one under "The More You Know."