Hilarious anti-Planned Parenthood video is apparently NOT a spoof

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A new anti-Planned Parenthood video by the American Life League, a heavily conservative pro-life group, is causing a stir on the Internet, largely because people don't know if it's real. The six-minute-long video is presented as a scathing look into the horrors of Planned Parenthood and all the "disservice and lies." The video immediately seems like a parody when it talks about how Planned Parenthood is obsessed with: 

Sex toys, sex contests, sex balloons, penis shaped balloons, penis cupcakes, vagina cakes, vagina macaroons, vagina fruit roll-ups, [and] giant vagina costumes.

The host, who looks something like Rick Santorum's best fishing buddy, takes viewers through Planned Parenthood's websites, commenting along the way on how sick it is that the company promotes safe sex, homosexual relationships, masturbation, and asking questions about one's body. He further goes to explain how Planned Parenthood's supposed agenda from 1969 was to promote homosexuality as a "sick form of population control" and describes masturbation as a "gateway drug." 

Does the American Life League actually believe this garbage, or is this just a cleverly disguised parody by Planned Parenthood to show the world how much of a service they provide? The internet at large is also having a hard time deciding how legitimate the video is.

You've got me stumped, American Life League. Your over-the-top antics and totally nutty website seem suspiciously satirical, and if this is a joke, you've got a killer poker face. Either way, this video makes me respect Planned Parenthood even more than before. I've learned that they encourage people to explore their sexuality by throwing no-pants parties, handing out condoms and informative pamphlets, and giving out posters of "a penis monster attacking a naked girl in a condom bubble." That last part is actually totally true. Where do I get that poster?