Hooters finally opens its first location in Japan

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Hooters Japan

Hooters is such a massively recognizable American institution, you'd be forgiven for assuming it was also popular in kooky ol' Japan. But until not so long ago, there wasn't a single opportunity for the Japanese people to dress up in awful orange shorts and eat buffalo wings that are probably overrated.

Judging by this story and photo essay in Slate, I'd say they didn't change their business model all that much:

The [girls and management] debated the merits of gel inserts, classic cushioned cups, and a range of inflatable bust-boosting doodads sold at Don Quijote, a Japanese chain that is sort of a mix of fetish shop and your local grocery store. One girl whispered that modeling her artificially amplified oomph prompted her own mother to ask, "What happened?" Earlier that week, as part of a lesson on proper uniforming, a visiting American manager ordered recruits to "Push UP," cupping her hands together and gesturing toward the ceiling. [Slate]

Hooters lured in some 400 hotties to try out with promises of 1,500 yen-per-hour pay rates (about $18). Of course, as Slate also points out, the company wasn't exactly forthcoming with an explanation of what the word "Hooters" means for its new Japanese employees… and those Japanese employees didn't exactly care.

Hooters Japan

You must read the full story at Slate, if only to check out the interesting observations about how uniformed girls (mostly women in maid costumes who stand in the streets of Tokyo advertising, um, restaurants) were already a Japanese cultural phenomenon well before Hooters showed up.