Twenty years ago, if you were a vengeful, embittered recent dumpee with vaguely sociopathic tendencies, you could spread false rumors about your ex having an STD via word of mouth (or, if you were artistically inclined, bathroom graffiti). Now, with the invention of the Internet, you can broadcast such information via a wide range of different channels, including STD Carriers Disease Control and Prevention Services, an online database that allows you to upload detailed personal information about alleged and confirmed STD carriers, which got a sexy new makeover "just in time for Valentine's Day."

The brainchild of Portland, OR native Cyrus Sullivan, STD Carriers Disease Control and Preventive Services is a completely free public database that lets curious parties browse over 1,500 listings of accused STD carriers. The listings include names, locations, descriptions, and occasionally photos, as well as details like sexual orientation and disclosure history. There are also juicy extras like celebrity STD carrier lists and an STD awareness merchandise store, featuring the website's trademarked slogan, "Click it before you stick it" (which took me about five minutes of repeating out loud, over and over again, until I actually figured out what it meant).

Sullivan, who started the website in 2008 after dating "some chick during college who didn't disclose to me that she had herpes," is making the rounds in the press for his website's new facelift, and he insists that there's absolutely nothing unethical about posting people's personal information online and accusing them of having STDs. In fact, the site's mission statement claims that "it is our goal that by promoting the sharing of information that we can ultimately protect you health from dangerous diseases while protecting your civil liberties and providing quality entertainment," which is a totally legitimate argument if you're the kind of person who would've considered, say, the Salem Witch Trials "quality entertainment." As for the rest of us, however, I think we can all agree that running a website that allows anyone to publicly accuse someone of having STDs, with or without any verification, is a pretty despicable thing to do, even if it does feature a smashing new Valentine's Day-inspired redesign. 

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Feb 11 12 - 7:19pm

so what does "click it before you stick it" mean?!

Feb 11 12 - 7:43pm

I'm guessing they mean check the site before you "stick it IN"...subtle I know...

Feb 11 12 - 7:43pm

We already have one of these, it's called

Feb 18 12 - 5:32am

Those t-shirts are my biggest regret (or maybe the posters), but the slogan wasn't my idea at all. I had a friend who was doing hard time and he suggested it in a letter from prison, I had no slogan, thought it kind of funny, and thought it would cheer him up to see that still mattered to people on the outside. I've only sold a handful, so most of them have been used for marketing or donated to the homeless. that last part might sound a little mean, but those t-shirt make great undershirts and some people need as many layers as they can get.

I don't have much time, so I just to point out one thing to my critics here. People get accused of having STDs on lots of websites (Facebook, Pissed Consumer, Don't Date Him Girl), but I 'm only one that offers a removal program for people that get tested and are clean. In addition I authors do have some accountability because they have to share an email address for other member, plus they can edit or remove a report at any time. That last part might not sound like much, but if you look at other anonymous complaint sites like Ripoff Report nobody can remove their own work there.

I'm using STD Carriers as a model for a much broader site called No Limit List that is operation, but still in test mode. Despite not even being finished the ability to edit empowered me to motivate a company to improve its product in exchange for a better review. I think eventually the code being developed on STD Carriers will become a valuable asset to consumers.

Feb 18 12 - 5:34am

Also, don't knock me for the bad grammar. When I'm typing fast and tired I forget to type words that I'm thinking. I hate it when I do that, time to go to bed.

Mar 14 12 - 12:21am

Moron!! I have to NOT ONLY PAY you to take down a post WHEN FALSELY accused, but i have to SEND in PERSONAL MEDICAL info. You are a sick man!!
As for you're bad speeling and grammer, I am visually impaired and am still able to type correctly, no matter how tired I am. Find a better excuse.

Apr 11 12 - 3:09am

You don't have to pay me a dime to take down a false post and no one ever has. If you cannot resolve the situation with the author then you have the option to send in clean test results.

The payment option exists primarily with businesses in mind that want to bury the truth in the interest of commerce. There is a direct correlation between economic prosperity and lower STD levels, so what is good for the economy is good for STD prevention.

Mar 06 12 - 3:27pm

This site helped me find a guy that I sexually encountered once years ago. He in fact had herpes and did not tell me and another courageous person posted it. This website has brought closure and ended me blaming myself and others for my non curable disease.

Apr 11 12 - 3:16am

I'm sorry to hear that you were infected, but I'm somewhat glad to read your post. Usually all I get are threats and insults from people. The objections usually center around the stigma people like us face which should not exist in the first place.

You have nobody to blame except for the person who knowingly exposed you without your knowledge. Sure some might lecture you on common sense and using protection, but no amount of protection short of abstinence can protect you more than honest disclosure when the other person knows what they are exposing you to.

Mar 20 12 - 11:04pm

Veronica goes by Roni former housewife who has openly admitted after finding out. she was infected, doesn't believe she has obligation to inform her sexual partners she has the virus that causes Aides. Veronica believes it’s not important ,big deal to inform the men she is having sexual relations with she is HIV positive, Veronica also stated someone exposed her so she has no intention of making her partners aware of her deadly disease. Since being diagnose she has had over dozen sexual partners. If you come across Veronica please call the Health Department.

Jul 02 12 - 11:25pm

I dated Steven Dale Landrum, he also goes by Playin Syx, Syxgun, Steve Syx, Steve Syxgun, and Steve Syx and Syxgun. He had herpes. He knew he had herpes. He did not tell me. I thought something was wrong after I started dating him. I kept getting raw down there. Then an ex girl friend of his contacted me to let me know he gave her herpes. I went to the Dr. and sure enough. I had contacted his herpes. I confronted him, and he acted like he did not even hear what I was saying. I dumped his lame arse. he still to this day is sleeping with women and not telling them he has Herpes. he also has a sex addiction, hooked on porn ladies, beware of this man. He is a loser.

Jul 11 12 - 12:36am

The guy knowingly infected me with the std disease. After I got it and told him, he denied he has the disease. One month later, he repeated the same deed and tried to infect another person. He was being posted in the STDcarriers website. Then he tried to use his money to use lawsuit to intimidate me. He even has money to buy false doctor reports to claim he has none. The truth is my disease is the exactly copy of he infected me.