News lets women pool information about guys they just met

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Today I was browsing the Facebook ad sidebar like you do, and ran across an ad for I would like to meet a guy! But not on the internet, gross. Anyway, the text tag underneath called it the website "guys don't want you to know about," and because the internet loves secrets, I clicked:


You've heard about it everywhere…now you've found it. The one and only place online for you to check him out before dating him. This is the place for dating women to get the inside scoop from other dating women. We're not a dating service, we're an information resource. There is never a charge to leave a comment about that guy you went out with.

Just get his name and the last 4 digits of his phone number, log in, and post a comment. Curious? It's simple to search comments and see if he's Mr. Right, Mr. Right Now, or Mr. No Way.

Yes, a website devoted to upholding all the worst stereotypes of women — that we are desperate, suspicious, and get together regularly to prattle on about guys we're dating. Like the Sex in the City ladies! Or, a cabal of amoral women with an internet startup company. Point is, if enough women get on board we can have a Facebook of sorts for guys we broke up with, and whom know nothing about the site, until they do (remember In the "About Us" section they call it "the nation's fastest growing social media research site," but that sounds very untrue. It will likely sink to the bottom of the startup well — as it should — because this can't be completely legal (though, maybe they circumvented that with the last-4-digits thing).