Indonesian rock star faces five years in jail over leaked sex tapes

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Indonesian rock star Nazriel Ilham, better known as Ariel, is on trial for allegedly creating two sex tapes involving Indonesian models/television personalities, Luna Maya and Cut Tarij, in violation of a 2008 anti-pornography law. Here in the U.S., there are countless examples of D-listers using leaked sex tapes to jump-start their careers — so many that we barely blink at the release of another one. Not so in conservative, Muslim Indonesia, where the Ilham sex tapes have caused quite a scandal.

The Indonesian government is doubly moralizing in this case. Ariel is being prosecuted for the creation of the consensual sexual content of the videos, but the reason the courts are seeking such a stiff penalty is, apparently, his lack of contrition; Ariel stills maintains that he is not the man having hot sex in the two videos. Chief Prosecutor Rusmanto upbraids the musician: "As an artist and public figure, the defendant has failed to set a good example to the public because of his unwillingness to admit his guilt." So I guess if he were super-sorry about it, he'd be off the hook?

Let this be another lesson to us all. I really hope I don't have to explain this to you this again: if you make a sex video, it will end up on the internet. Period. So do it in America where there's at least the possibility it will catapult you to fame.