Internet votes to make condom-less sex a crime

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Julian Assange

Over on The Gloss, the site which causes everyone who reads it to have a crush on everyone who writes for it, Lilit Marcus brings up the trumped-up charges against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and his problems with using a condom. Assange is currently being detained by Scotland Yard and faces extradition to Sweden over allegations that he forced a woman to have sex with him while not wearing a condom. Aside from the fact that this charge seems suspect in the wake of all the controversy surrounding WikiLeaks (and rape is rape, let me be clear), should it be a crime to have sex without a rubber?

Would societies be better off with laws restricting promiscuous sex to the safe-sex kind only? Would more teen pregnancies be prevented by laws against unprotected intercourse?

Before you answer that — and you should, in the comments — note that when I checked the Gloss last night, the totals were 65.6 percent saying, "Yes, if one party asked and the other didn't comply," which obviously makes sense since it sounds pretty close to actual rape, and 30.5 percent saying no.