Interracial marriages in America have jumped 28% since 2000

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Hey America, look, we all love each other! New census data shows that America has experienced a 28% jump in interracial marriages since 2010 — one in ten couples is interracial. "We're becoming much more of an integrated, multiracial society," said demographer William Frey. 

The history of interracial marriage in America is interesting. As recently as forty-five years ago, some jerk looked at an interracial couple and was all like, "Uh, you guys aren't allowed to love each other, because it's like, against my beliefs or whatever. This is totally my business and my responsibility, by the way." Then, the Supreme Court was totally like, "No way dude, they can get married if they want. It's chill. Don't worry." Or at least that's what I remember of the 1967 Supreme Court case Loving v. Virginia from my college constitutional law class. Yes, the plaintiffs' name was actually Mildred Loving. Isn't American history super heavy-handed? 

The best part about reflecting on Loving v. Virginia is realizing that in a couple of years we'll all be looking back on today and thinking, "Wow, people actually fought against same-sex marriage? How bizarre!" The illegality of which will just be a silly, old-timey oddity, like typewriters, or rotary phones, at which point, antiquity-loving future-hipsters will no doubt begin campaigning to have same-sex marriage repealed, because intolerance is just so vintage