Iowa high school accidentally stages anti-gay, pro-life rally

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Mandy Moore Saved

Iowa's Dunkerton High School has issued profuse apologies after accidentally inviting members of a hardcore Christian ministry to perform at a school-wide assembly. How did this happen, exactly? School officials invited Junkyard Prophet, a Christian rock band, to perform for their students, failing to realize that the band is also affiliated with You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International, a hate mongering "youth ministry" officially categorized as an anti-gay hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Pretty soon, the front-man-cum-preacher Bradlee Dean was informing students (who were verbally reprimanded if they tried to leave) about the "health dangers" associated with homosexuality, the fallacious nature of Lady Gaga's message that anyone was "Born this Way," the evils of pre-marital sex, etc. In true rock and roll tradition, he also showed them pictures of aborted fetuses.

It could be worse though: after all, Dean — whose website explains that "we cannot accept the proposal that homosexuality is either private or moral" — specifically doesn't endorse murdering homosexuals. From a statement he had to release after a tiff with Rachel Maddow:

"Let me make this perfectly clear — again. We are opposed to the state, in any country, no matter what its religious tradition, in executing homosexuals."

Meanwhile, Dunkerton's superintendent has since called a meeting to apologize to students, and said to the local news station:

"Where did that come from? That's not what we were anticipating, and when we called the other schools where they had been… why wasn't that mentioned? We made a decision. It was a poor decision. And you know what? We're going to suffer the consequences of that decision. We're going to continue to do what we can to make it right."

Predictably, guests of the school will now be more thoroughly vetted, and students are being offered counseling. That makes sense, but why was a Christian rock band coming to perform at a school in the first place? Even if you're not expecting something that's a "pictures of aborted fetuses" level of extreme, aren't kids not supposed to be receiving any kind of religious indoctrination in schools, period? 

In any case, there's video of the incident below if you're feeling masochistic.