Is abortion actually less traumatic than childbirth?

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One might have assumed that this would be an "apples and oranges" kind of issue, but a new study has come to the conclusion that giving birth may actually be more traumatic to women than abortion. The study, which came from Denmark, compared the rates of mental-health treatment sought for women who had either given birth or had an abortion in the past year, and rates were drastically higher among those who had gone through childbirth.

Tailor-made to become a political yelling point, the story has already been met with skepticism, with some critics pointing out that the mere act of seeking mental-health treatment is not necessarily indicative of a problem, and that the the study doesn't take into account the long-term psychological effects of either childbirth or abortion. Still, other experts say that the study is "more rigorous than most," and it's probably time to brace yourselves to hear about this on the cable news show of your choosing for weeks to come.