Italian judge annuls marriage after wife admits to “thinking about” cheating

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Divorce Italian Style makeout scene

We Americans are lucky to have such liberal divorce laws (except in New York State, of course). God forbid we end up having to get a divorce in Italy, as we might end up getting totally screwed for even thinking impure thoughts during a marriage.

One woman learned this the hard way this week when a judge in her case annulled her marriage on the grounds that she'd considered an affair (no, she didn't actually go through with it) and had her alimony tossed out along with it. 

Now, I'm not a big fan of this whole alimony thing as a rule, but let's get back to this "thought crime". What's worse about this is, according to CNN, the woman didn't consider it an affair at all — she was just contemplating an open marriage.

Scarier still is that this was upheld by a second court — Italy's Court of Cassation, which backed up the Catholic Church Ecclesiastical Court. What's next, legally-sanctioned murder of your wife for not putting out?