Italian Prime Minister in trouble for underage pole dancer scandal

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Pole dancer Moroccan Sivlio Berlusconi scandal

An underage Moroccan pole dancer may end up spelling the end for Sivlio Berlusconi's power. The Italian Prime Minister has managed to duck a seemingly endless parade of sex scandals that would have brought Bill Clinton down in a day, but this one may be too disastrous to avoid.

That's because, although other cases may have had similar elements, this is the first that has the dangerous trifecta: prostitution, an underage girl and a victim who has already told the police everything.

Ruby Heartthrob is a Moroccan teenage runaway who claims to have been passed around as a hooker by Berlusconi's inner circle. She also states emphatically that she performed a striptease at parties attended by the PM. Berlusconi's big mistake may have been to call up police headquarters and demand the release of the young runaway after she was charged with theft, which tied him to the case.

Roberto Benigni, of all people, may also have helped link Berlusconi to the scandal, taking to his popular television comedy show to lampoon the politician for saying the Mafia "put" underage girls in his bed as some sort of vendetta. In doing so, Benigni continued to defy Berlusconi's media stranglehold, which had prevented similar charges from gaining much traction. 

As his party's co-founder publicly admitted it was time to lay down the law, it seems even Berlusconi may not be powerful enough to buy or muscle his way out of this one.