Japanese company manufacturing high-end male sex toys

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Sex toys for women have gotten downright upscale in the past few decades, with chic designs and high prices. But sex toys for men are generally still associated with "Crazy Fantasy" type sex shops and lonely guys. (Perhaps not unfairly.) With that in mind, a Japanese company (of course) has released high-end sex toys for men — basically Fleshlights, with the increased attention to style and branding given to female sex toys like the Rabbit.

Tenga Onacups (that's "Ona" for "onanism") are the work of a former car mechanic who wanted to relieve male sex toys of their stigma. They've been the best-selling male sex toy in Japan since 2005 and are now hitting the West, with Tenga expecting international sales to soon eclipse domestic. While Tenga products may be classier than your average inflatable sex doll, their U.S. website isn't really helping with the "male sex toy consumers are a bunch of lonely wankers" thing; the front page reads: "No baggage. No headaches. No strings attached. Think of it as dating without the drama." Right, I'll also think of it as dating without the "other human." Just to reassure you, they also insist that "Tenga is ushering in a whole new era of satisfaction for healthy, red-blooded American guys." (You are healthy and red-blooded, potential American male onanism-cup buyer!) Still, be sure to check out their store, which features oral-sex-type models as well as the standard, plus something called the "Tenga Flip Hole."