Jenna Jameson reportedly heading to Broadway

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Jenna Jameson — entrepreneur and star of such films as Up and Cummers 20 and Up and Cummers 17 (released in that order, for some reason — has decided like many in the porn industry to have a go at some more mainstream roles. And while Jameson could probably get a VH1 reality show or a guest spot on Entourage, she's got her eyes on the Great White Way. And what show does she have her eye on? The revival of A Little Night Music, perhaps?

Jenna Jameson is in talks to star in the hit Broadway rock musical, "Rock of Ages."

The X-rated icon is negotiating to take the role of Venus strip club owner Justice — whose big, crowd-pleasing number is appropriately Journey's "Any Way You Want It."

Does this mean that the stereotype of the wide-eyed Kansas farm girl stepping off a bus with nothing but a song in her heart and stars in her eyes is officially dead? Probably, but I bet it's been in critical condition for a while now. (And don't get me started on productions like Rock of Ages that cobble together shows out of rock/pop songs with plots so flimsy they could probably be costumes in Up and Cummers 21: The Edge of Reason. What's that? Why yes, I am a musical snob.)

Jameson says she's pretty nervous about the negotiations, as she would love the role. So whatever reservations I may have about the show, I wish her luck. (But don't worry, Jenna. This is a show headlined by an American Idol also-ran. You'll be fine.)