Joan Rivers lusts after Ryan Gosling

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Joan Rivers

There are a lot of things to like about Joan Rivers: she's hilarious, an unabashed drunk, practically mummified, and, as anyone who's seen her documentary can attest, insanely driven. But I think she's at her best when she's unapologetically horny. Like today, on Fashion Police, when she expressed her love for Ryan Gosling

 "He is handsome, he is great… I love him…. I read that his greatest love is an eleven-and-a-half-year-old dog… In human, that's about seventy-eight years. So Ryan… Guess who else is 78 and also likes it doggy style?"

A cute and seemingly innocuous anecdote (I mean what's surprising about having a crush on Ryan Gosling?) that surprises you with a graphic old-lady sex joke! Classic Joan Rivers. It proves three things: rude old people are great, Joan Rivers is mutant who will never die, and Ryan Gosling, despite his sometimes baffling choices in movies, is unbelievably handsome. (Did anyone else find Drive to be a half-baked Reservoir Dogs with a better soundtrack but no plot?) 

And just for fun, here's some classic Joan Rivers, making fun of people the way it's meant to be done: