Judge overturns ban on brothels in Ontario

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Congratulations, Torontonians: you are now free to fulfill your childhood dreams of becoming a successful madam. (Or pimp. Though that really does sound less classy, doesn't it?) Judge Susan Himel found that the laws that banned brothels only put sex workers in a position where they needed to choose between their personal interest and their personal safety.

Here is what one of the three prostitutes who brought the case had to say about the ruling:

One of the three prostitutes who brought the case, Terri Bedford, had told the court she had been beaten and raped many times.

She described the judgement as "like emancipation day for sex trade workers".

"The federal government must now take a stand and clarify what is legal and not legal between consenting adults in private," said Ms Bedford, who added that she now hoped to work as a dominatrix.

Of course, the national government might appeal the ruling; if that doesn't happen, the overturning of the ban will go into effect in thirty days.

The responses from both sides sound similar to any debate about the legalization of prostitution. One side worries this will only allow more and easier sex trafficking; the other feels that allowing the government to regulate prostitution instead of prosecute it will mean safer conditions for those actually doing the work. So will Toronto become the new Amsterdam for adventure seeking frat guys on spring break? We'll have to wait at least a little while to see.