K-Y to air first commercial featuring lesbian couple

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Coming this Monday to a T.V. near you, K-Y Intense, the female-arousal gel whose packaging includes "a designer pouch for discreet storage," will hit the airwaves on major networks with their very first commercial featuring a lesbian couple. "Alex" and "Emma" are seen sitting on a bed, discussing the success of their relationship when the arousal gel in question is introduced, leading to fireworks a la Katy Perry's video and Alex's comment, "Good purchase." No surprise there, as K-Y Intense is, after all, "scientifically proven to make that big moment even bigger."

It will be interesting to see which television markets will run the spot, whose implied monogamy and implied long-term relationship normalcy deviates from the Howard Stern model of pandering to straight-male fantasies of lesbianism. Salt Lake City residents, for example, may be out of luck.

At a time when Deena from Jersey Shore is pulling "robberies" on the boys' "DTF semi-grenades" (is there an Urban Dictionary for Jersey Shore?) and Jane Lynch is hosting the Emmys, the tacit double standard of Zestra boycotts should probably be more controversial than this commercial. Although, like readers of Dick Cheney's new memoir, it might make Pat Robertson's head explode, K-Y should be applauded for their progressive stance, no matter how much it's influenced by filthy lucre. I know Mary Cheney applauds it.