K-Y to air first commercial featuring lesbian couple

Coming this Monday to a T.V. near you, K-Y Intense, the female-arousal gel whose packaging includes "a designer pouch for discreet storage," will hit the airwaves on major networks with their very first commercial featuring a lesbian couple. "Alex" and "Emma" are seen sitting on a bed, discussing the success of their relationship when the arousal gel in question is introduced, leading to fireworks a la Katy Perry's video and Alex's comment, "Good purchase." No surprise there, as K-Y Intense is, after all, "scientifically proven to make that big moment even bigger."

It will be interesting to see which television markets will run the spot, whose implied monogamy and implied long-term relationship normalcy deviates from the Howard Stern model of pandering to straight-male fantasies of lesbianism. Salt Lake City residents, for example, may be out of luck.

At a time when Deena from Jersey Shore is pulling "robberies" on the boys' "DTF semi-grenades" (is there an Urban Dictionary for Jersey Shore?) and Jane Lynch is hosting the Emmys, the tacit double standard of Zestra boycotts should probably be more controversial than this commercial. Although, like readers of Dick Cheney's new memoir, it might make Pat Robertson's head explode, K-Y should be applauded for their progressive stance, no matter how much it's influenced by filthy lucre. I know Mary Cheney applauds it.


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Sep 03 11 - 3:01pm

They should totally do commercials with underage teens and cheating couples and polygamists and every other lifestyle CHOICE. How revolutionary!!!

Sep 03 11 - 3:17pm

If your stance is that being gay is a choice, then all straight people could just choose to be gay - right? I challenge you to go out and be gay today. Prove your point.

Sep 03 11 - 3:54pm

@Riiiight: People who "think" like you are losing this war at astonishing speed. Your grandchildren will be embarrassed by you. For now, we'll just point and laugh.

Sep 03 11 - 4:07pm

Too bad, though, Stu - people like Riiight are poinint and mocking, and kids are killing themselves as a result.

Sep 03 11 - 8:21pm

Oh right, got to bitch about everything don't you? Yur such a tease.

Also, @anon, wasn't that the premise of an episode of American Dad?

Sep 04 11 - 5:32pm

don't feed the troll....

Sep 09 11 - 4:18pm

It’s not a choice, but it is a sin according to the bible. Lots of ppl don't want to hear what they’re doing is wrong even if they have genuine feelings. If a molester said this is the way I am, loving and having sex with 6 year olds everyone would agree it’s not right.
For those who don't believe a word out of the bible I choose for you not to display something that you act on behind closed doors. I don't even want to see that with straight ppl either. I'm just tired of being pushed in the face about views I don't believe in at all.

Sep 11 11 - 12:58am

I've read the Bible, and the only thing I can find about being gay is that it says that "A man shall not lay with another man to beget a child." That means that a guy and a guy shouldn’t try to have kids together, which is physically impossible anyway. It says nothing about two guys adopting, which they did a lot back then, or two women lying together, and if you think about it, all the guys back then had harems. How do you think the other women entertained themselves when the husband chose another for the night? So bite me, and learn you own religion.


Blessed Be

p.s. and yes I'm a witch. That's someone who practices Wiccan religion.

Sep 13 11 - 2:23am

@choice a relationship between two consenting adults is entirely different from a child molester, so your argument is invalid.

Sep 03 11 - 3:34pm

oh yes the slippery slope.

I'm sure we'll see a KY commercial depicting bestiality.

Or maybe furrys, yeah furrys would be cool, and necrophilia, that's the ticket.

I'm sure society will survive some ads depicting real people using lube.

Sep 03 11 - 5:11pm

Really, meh? Furries are at the same level as necrophilia? Oooookaaaay.

Sep 03 11 - 6:12pm

Sorry my sarcasm font wasn't working.

Some people need to take things a lot less seriously.

Sep 03 11 - 6:13pm

But you'd definitely need some good lube for a spot of necrophilia.

Sep 03 11 - 8:08pm

nothing like a bit of necrophillia

Sep 04 11 - 6:38pm

Every once in a while you just gotta crack open a cold one

Jan 03 12 - 6:22pm

^ hahaha ewwww

Sep 03 11 - 4:43pm

I discover I'm quite pleased that while all the individual words in the statement 'At a time when Deena from Jersey Shore is pulling "robberies" on the boys' "DTF semi-grenades"'' seem to make sense individual, I have absolutely no context to which I can match the collective whole.

Sep 03 11 - 4:44pm

Is it me or did the dialogue in that video more awkward than the other commercials?

Sep 05 11 - 4:54pm

yeah, it seemed really awkward.

Sep 03 11 - 5:30pm

have chaz bono do the ad. with DWTS as the background

Sep 03 11 - 6:02pm

While I can't bring myself to be too excited about great strides in the field of selling people on the idea that their orgasms are somehow not orgasm-y enough, it would be nice if more ads/media/people acknowledged that lesbians are things that exist. It seems like 99% of the time when gay people are discussed it's within the context of gay men.

Sep 03 11 - 8:11pm

I've noticed that too. Lesbians aren't taken as seriously as gay men, who are also not taken very seriously. It seems like there are quite a lot of people who think lesbians are only lesbians because they couldn't find good men.

Sep 04 11 - 3:02pm

In fairness, if you know a half-dozen girls in college who are militantly lesbian (won't listen to music by men, talk glowingly about separatism, etc.), and within five years of graduation 4-5 of them are knocked up and married to a dude, it's hard to take that very seriously. Gay men don't pull that shit nearly as often (usually it's the reverse, starting in the closet). But if you have halfway decent gaydar it's usually pretty obvious who's really queer, and who's just a poseur excited about their latest religion.

Sep 04 11 - 7:48pm

I don't know where you are pulling those illustrations from, besides that what you said is your own skewed perception of lesbians, but my lesbian friends are genuinely attracted to women.

I still have yet to meet a "militant" lesbian and I know probably a dozen and a half lesbians, a few are close friends too.

Sep 05 11 - 2:18am

My lesbian friends are genuinely attracted to women, too, and have been lesbians for a long time. Not coincidentally, they haven't been undergrads in college for many years. Maybe you and your friends aren't in college either?

My point was that college girls who define themselves by their sexual identity, and enthusiastically adopt every possible signifier, are so often the ones who end up having 2.5 kids with a guy who sells real estate. This contributes to why lesbians aren't taken very seriously. Surely you've heard of LUGs? It's hard to imagine that you know almost 20 lesbians and have never heard any of them complain about LUGs and other flaky poseurs, but stranger things have happened.

I love being told my life experiences are incorrect. It's brisk and refreshing, like a summer drink, or the smell of urine in the subway.

Sep 05 11 - 6:24pm

well nothing you said was inline with my life experiences so...

So, you might have known a few lesbians that ended up marrying guys, but you can't say that is representative of all lesbians.

Just like when I know of a few cases of straight people who have children in a heterosexual relationship and then come out of the closet later, that doesn't mean that straight relationships shouldn't be taken seriously also.

Sep 05 11 - 6:32pm

"So, you might have known a few lesbians that ended up marrying guys, but you can't say that is representative of all lesbians."
Kindly show me where I did that, and I'll bow my head in shame.

Sep 05 11 - 9:45pm

Everything you said in your first post was an example of this, indicating that you were making the stance that one could say that Lesbian relationships can't be taken seriously because from the lesbians you know ended up not being lesbians at all.

"In all fairness, if you know a half-dozen girls in college who are militantly lesbian (won't listen to music by men, talk glowingly about separatism, etc.), and within five years of graduation 4-5 of them are knocked up and married to a dude, it's hard to take that very seriously. Gay men don't pull that shit nearly as often (usually it's the reverse, starting in the closet)."

Now, you may say that you don't necessarily believe that all relationships should be invalidated and that you realize that you have limited subjective experiences, you were simply pointing out that there is some evidence to support the statement that lesbian relationships are not serious relationships, but you also find that evidence unrepresentative of the whole, like I.

But, your intentions to point this out are questionable. That's like making the stance "I don't support war, but sometimes military action is the best way to solve a problem." By implication of a statement like that you would be supporting war indirectly. Just like you are supporting the claim that lesbian relationships aren't as serious indirectly.

Sep 06 11 - 2:16am

Frankly, I don't even know what "taking lesbian relationships seriously" means. I grew up with a woman who was the world's biggest tomboy, who came out in high school (to no one's surprise) and took lots of shit for it, who was queer when it wasn't fashionable. When she tells me she's crazy about a girl, I think "Awesome, I hope it works out." When I hear the same thing from some 19-year-old sophomore who just shaved her head and listens to Ani DiFranco nonstop and insists that every social interaction revolve around her newfound sexual identity, I think "Five bucks says she'll be knocked up before she's 25." And I usually win that bet.

I take the first person very seriously; I don't take the second seriously (and frankly I wouldn't give a flying fuck if that offends her). If you insist that I take an average of my responses, and lump my pal together with this pathetic, strident poseur and divide by two, then I guess you'll get the numbers you want. Personally, I think most bright folks are able to tell the difference between someone who's born queer and someone who's vacationing there. If that seems judgmental -- if you're thinking "Who are YOU to say who's really queer and who's not?" -- my only response is that the ability to tell the difference between shit and Shinola is a dying art, and that time will ultimately tell.

Sep 06 11 - 6:22am

you know, okay, just to get this out of the way: My aunt is a lesbian with a partner and an adopted 8-year-old son they've had since they were 2. She is wicked cool and they have a great relationship.

And julian's right, we're obviously talking about a couple people's limited subjective experience here, and most people don't have time for nuance on subjects they don't know about.

So if the first words that come out of a person's mouth on females interested in female partners is how disingenuous they are (no matter how equally-minded that person is in their own private life), in our current political climate, that obviously might work against equality in a harmful way (but it is a free country, and anyone is free to say things which, on purpose or not, work against equality). So someone who was genuinely not a bigot would probably want to think twice about their word choice. Especially what needs to be taken into consideration is the audience and the medium. For example, if @julian was giving a speech to an audience of nascar fans, it would matter. Here it probably doesn't. This is just like how nonprofit organizations, for PR, must create the illusion that they are always succeeding and are involved in a black-and-white good vs. evil fight. Whereas inside the organization, they are capable of talking about problems they face in a realist fashion that also recognizes shades of gray, because they can trust other people in the organization accept certain shared premises and will be able to appreciate the nuance.

I trust the nerve audience will appreciate the nuance.

And I gotta say, I've personally known, including my aunt, I think, 9-10 lesbians in my life (I went to a really leftist small liberal arts school in New England and knew most of the people in my class. Whatcha gonna do) as acquaintances or friends for longer than 6 months each (most of them in my same class year). And while 7 of them didn't fit a stereotype at all (though there's nothing necessarily wrong with fitting a stereotype, but a stereotype is just that), and in every respect it was only one aspect of their lives (or when they did draw attention to it, it was never excessive), you know there were two who made a big deal about their identity all the time to people who had no problem with it. And these women weren't really interested in going out there and organizing people for equality (or otherwise paying the dues necessary for that kind of bossiness), they were just interested in having the option to "call out" people and draw attention to how radical they were.

This wasn't because they were lesbians, this was just the kind of people they were - assholes (which had nothing to do with their sexual orientation). It's annoying how often you get this in leftist and activist circles, people who you know, just love the opportunity for the moral high horse that they believe leftist ideology gives them, but are totally uninterested in actually working on solutions (this often entails them forgetting their cause within a few years after college). And it's annoying because there are people who ARE working hard on these issues, and are NICE, FRIENDLY people, but their work can easily get drowned out by a couple assholes who are less about solving social problems, and more about getting attention.

I just think those loud ones are the ones that other people remember (because that's what people are looking for, and also the loud, lazy, no-strategy folks (straight or not) really ARE annoying). And it's same way with a lot of social agendas. People remember that "animal rights activist" who made sure everyone knew they were a vegan and yelled at people for eating pork, but they don't care about or forget the one who was working to do education programs on how factory farming works, the environmental effects of a high-meat diet, etc. Because the loud one is happy to play right into their stereotypes, and people see what they're looking for.

Sep 06 11 - 6:25am

btw, I didn't bring out "my aunt is a lesbian" to be like "oh I have friends who are black so I can speak for all black people," it was more of a "full disclosure, I am biased towards thinking that most ladies-who-like-ladies are decent human beings"

Sep 06 11 - 12:29pm

Everything you said, Paully, is spot on. Thanks for that.

Sep 06 11 - 1:14pm
@Paully (formerly @Julian)

Fantastic post!

I think your last sentence is a tiny bit reductive, though -- it's not just confirmation bias, it's also that people are probably hardwired to afford more weight to negative experiences than positive ones. It's just human nature. But I absolutely agree that the loudest voices are almost never the ones getting any real work done, and tend to be the ones least committed to their ideals -- they just like to bask in feelings of moral superiority. The left has ever been bedeviled by this, and has never come up with a good solution to weeding these people out. We need to, though, because they're seriously bad PR in the long run.

Speaking of PR: "non-profit organizations, for PR, must create the illusion that they are...involved in a black-and-white good vs. evil fight" -- this is something that bugs the shit out of me, though at the same time I understand why and how it happens. I guess I instinctively distrust anyone who doesn't incorporate nuance into their statements, who doesn't address both sides of an issue at once, who doesn't self-criticize with the same vigor with which they point out the mote in their neighbor's eye. I perceive them as propagandists, and perhaps they are at that. It's not like we need LESS humility, mindfulness, and balance in the world.

My initial statement was in response to someone wondering why lesbians aren't taken more seriously. Perhaps I was overly glib in my reply; I'll admit I enjoy mocking the moral-high-horse types, having dealt with so many over the years. Having seen plenty of ardent pagans become evangelical Christians, soi-disant Maoists become comfortable bourgeois, and riot grrl zine writers become stay-at-home moms with minivans, I've decided that I take people seriously in inverse proportion to the stridency of their demand that I do so.

Sep 06 11 - 5:48pm

I get you now, @julian. I can understand your frustration with seeing young girls do that. And, I'll admit I saw some of those types in high school, but in my original statement, I was referring to the adult lesbian culture, 20ish and above, of which I see little of those examples. My main point, overall, was that I didn't think it was fair for you to bring out those bad examples that reinforce the stereotype when we have people that reinforce the stereotype from any social culture. But, you know, we've exhausted that discussion probably.

I admit I should probably have been a bit less brash.

Oct 02 11 - 12:02am

could y'all stop policing women's sexual explorations, please? and have you ever even HEARD of bisexuality? if a woman has a relationship with a woman and then with a man, that does not, in my book, invalidate the first relationship with the woman. Even if a woman is "just experimenting" and ultimately not bisexual, what exactly is wrong with that? Isn't it actually kind of GREAT that there are times and spaces in our culture now in which women can explore their sexual identities more freely than in the past?

Sep 04 11 - 12:26am

Poor, ignorant, naive anon. Being straight is natural; it's how species survive. Being gay isn't natural. And if anybody on here understands about being pointed at and laughed at, it's Stu. At least when I have grandchildren, it won't be because I had to adopt or get a surrogate mother or artificial insemination which is the only choice gays have. Maybe they will evolve and can reproduce with only one type of gender.

Sep 04 11 - 1:55am
wilbur jefferson

Not only things that make sense from a scientific point of view are natural, humans are not rationale creatures, so what people feel for each other is natural to them, even if you don't agree with it. stop being so narrow minded!!!

Sep 04 11 - 8:21am

Gayness has been around forever, and straight sex for reproduction doesn't mean that's the only way people ever felt. And not that the species argument is a good one, but gayness is all over the entire animal kingdom (including us humans, or do you not believe in evolution). And, Riiiight, you are so self-righteous -- plenty of people have surrogacy or artificial insemination to have kids, not just the gay ones. So are you saying that straight people who can't have kids easily are also broken in some fashion? Yours are all really self-righteous, narrow minded, bigoted arguments.

Sep 04 11 - 12:35am

I see it as an entirely sincere to appeal to the ~1% of the population that is lesbian. Trying to sell a product by appealing to a prurient interest? Trying to create a buzz just to sell product? No way! What next, google trying to posture google + to make money?

Sep 04 11 - 2:48pm

Just like when there are White Castle commercials, hardly anyone eats at White Castle, so they should also not be able to have commercials.

Sep 05 11 - 7:14am

Significantly higher than 1% of the population eats, don't you think? This makes competition in the fast food market a bit more reasonable.

Sep 05 11 - 6:20pm

significantly higher than 1% has sex, so it would be reasonable to have competition in the lube market

preferences man

Sep 06 11 - 12:48am

Exactly the point, julian: The commercial is oriented to a much larger population than the approx 1% of lesbians. Using lesbians in this way is an appeal to the hetero market.

Sep 06 11 - 1:28pm

I still fail to see how because they use lesbians in one add, I am supposed to now think KY jelly can only be used by lesbians now.

Sep 11 11 - 1:16am

No julian, straight males think that two women getting together is HOTT!! Then in their minds if they have this lube, when they get a girl over to have sex, that girl might like it so much they invite a friend next time. All of us with a brain know that this is highly unlikely, but horny teenage males think with a smaller head, one without a brain.


Blessed Be

Sep 14 11 - 11:44am
Yarn Bomber

Here in Utah, we won't see the commercial. We don't need to, since we are the biggest, best, and most profitable porn consumers in the country.

Sep 21 11 - 12:43pm

Funny - the actress on the left is from Utah, the actress on the right was raised Mormon.

Sep 04 11 - 2:26am

I think it's awesome. It's cheesy and kind of dumb, just like all the other KY commercials. It's definitely not "wild" or "sexy" or over-the-top. It portrays them as normal people - which they are.

Sep 04 11 - 3:32am
Danny bum cheeks!

@stu u fucking idiot at thia rate there wont be any grandchildren as fags and lesbos and other sexual deviants cant reproduce..

They can only steal children from healthy people...

Sep 04 11 - 4:55am

"They can only steal children from healthy people"
Read: They adopt children from dumb kids whose fundamentalist parents never taught them what a condom was, hoping that their ignorance would keep them from having sex.

I know you people aren't real - there's not a human being who could ACTUALLY think like that, and I know I'm feeding a troll - but it must be said anyway.

Sep 11 11 - 1:23am

Look at the stats, Danny bum cheeks! Deviants are no longer the minority. Just like white people are no longer the majority in the USA. All the other nationalities maybe smaller on their own, but combined, they are more. As it is with deviants, straight sex may be the biggest single group, but we deviants out number you when combined. Ask your "friends" to be truthful and they will tell you that they walk on the wild side from time to time, if not live there permanently.


Blessed Be

Sep 04 11 - 3:08pm

I think some people here need to watch this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lSfFa44p96o&feature=colike

Sep 05 11 - 8:58am

"Slippery Slope" would be a good name for a lube.

Sep 05 11 - 4:23pm


Sep 05 11 - 1:41pm

What would Don Draper say? Peggy Olson?

Sep 05 11 - 8:37pm
Insatiable Dragon

+2; it's easy to see either one of them coming up with something as good or better.

Sep 09 11 - 4:11pm
To Far

This is pushing a view on the majority of Americans who believe in the traditonal marriage. This has gone to far. This is not a show I can choose not to watch, but now I have to watch for a commerical so my kids and I won't see something we DON'T believe in. This needs to be pulled off the air or all views need to be shown. I need to see then a Christian married couple using the product. Frankly, I rather not see these commericals at all! TO FAR!!

Sep 10 11 - 11:29pm

First of all, *too far, not "to far".

"Just because I see something on the television, I will instantly believe it! Instantly! If I do not see a Christian married couple in a commercial, I will turn into a skanky lesbian prostitute with no mind of my own, whatsoever. I am slave to what everyone tells me."

Essentially, this is what you are telling yourself. You obviously have strong opinions, which I value, and no commercial will somehow change your mind. Personally, I like this commercial. To me, it shows movement and progression. Disagree if you must, but don't act like all of America believes what the TV tells them.

Sep 13 11 - 2:26am

I'm pretty sure they only air KY adds later in the night when kids aren't awake.

Sep 14 11 - 10:21am
Yarn Bomber

I was raised Christian. Jesus said, "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."

I would be happy to be in a KY commercial: with my entire polyamorous family.

Oct 21 11 - 1:31am

Why would two lesbians need any lubricant??

Unless they are using "toys"??

Is this stuff supposed to be edible??

I'm so confused... Help!!

Nov 15 11 - 2:56am

There is nothing normal about gays. Maybe if you keep repeating it over and over and plastering it everywhere or screaming it into at anyone willing to listen, maybe just maybe in the inner depths of your being you will beleive it. The harder you yell, the more open you become, the more sarcastic you get, the more you try to convince people and try to assimilate into our normal lives.............in the end. The truth hurts, it is a choice. Your lifestyle is not normal. No matter how loud you get or what remarks you will use to try and devalue this comment. You know it is true or you wouldn't be fighting so hard.

Nov 15 11 - 3:09am

This company will lose millions of clients. Those networks showing these commercials will also lose. Take this to your cable, dish, satellite networks remove your business from these companies. Change will happen.........word is spreading as I type.Communicate with your friends and family nationwide, worldwide. It is not normal J&J.........there are other brands we can purchase.

Feb 12 12 - 1:49pm
The Dude

I love you people who said you red the bible and it ONLY says THIS - stop lying!! it blatently says 1corn.6-9 do you not know the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Neither the sexualy immoral nor idolaters nor adulters nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders.. THATS PRETTY CLEAR !! Yeah I know, you were born that way, well did you ever think I was born a Muderer, a theif, a liar -- becasue I have been tempted to do all those things but it does NOT make it right. We are all born with temptations - overcomming temptations is where you find the phyisical is not as important as the spiritual.