Kate Middleton’s virginity is a non-issue issue

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I have very, very little interest in the upcoming Royal nuptials. As far as I'm concerned, it's just another highly-publicized marriage between two attractive people, except this time around, it's on TV at four o'clock in the morning. I do, however, care about Kate Middleton's virginity, because I thought the royal family did. Turns out, I was wrong. For the first time ever, the palace has declined to make any comment on their preference towards the future Queen's chastity.

Only thirty years ago, Princess Diana's uncle came forward to publicly declare his nineteen-year-old niece a virgin prior to her marriage to Prince Charles. Although there has never been an official law stating that a royal's bride must be a virgin, it certainly takes away any concerns of possible lovers or illegitimate children creeping out of the woodwork. As an American who has no understanding of royal traditions or British prudishness, this sounds unfathomably archaic. Our country also has ambivalent feelings about pre-marital sex, but ours are based more in religious beliefs that have spilled over into the culture at large, rather than a concern about our country's reputation as a whole.

It's pleasing to know Middleton won't be subjected to such bizarre scrutiny, but you don't have to think too hard to know that the jig is already up. Prince William and Middleton have been together on and off for years, and have lived together during those "on" periods. So here's some food for thought: would it be embarrassing or empowering for Middleton to be forced to come forward and admit to not being a virgin at the grand old age of twenty-nine? Discuss.